Magically Intertwined Voodoo Vibes Online Slot

With all the different slot games online or otherwise available to the players today it is rather exciting discovering the different themes that have been attached, if for no other reason than to see what possibilities are out there. This Voodoo Vibes slot game from NetEnt is based on the dark craft in question, the black magic surrounding it and the characters one stereotypically would imagine to be involved in such a scene. Whilst this may appear clichéd in a few of its motifs the theme as a whole is quite a unique one to grace the reels of a slot game and so players might just find this one quite a catch.

The basic makeup of this Voodoo Vibes slot game from NetEnt consists of a set of 5 reels, with 3 symbols along each reel and 25 bet lines with which to ultimately create the combinations along. The betting options tied in with this game involve arrays of selections like adjustable lines, coin value and bet level. The bonuses found on the reels of this slot game do tend to bring the whole game together, fusing theme with winning opportunity to the players. There are Wilds, a free spin feature and even a themed bonus game to top it all off.

Indulging the Voodoo Vibes Theme Selection

Whether this is a unique theme choice or not is ultimately beside the point if the overall theme itself isn’t presented well to the players. Fortunately NetEnt have become quite well known for their theme portrayals and even beside this the appearance of this Voodoo Vibes slot is pretty evident of such a fact. The backdrop to the reels definitely brings a little perspective to the game; with a hut by candlelight on a starry evening making the reels layered with hoodoo and black magic seem rather surreal. The sound effects also play a role in this regard, though video slot tracks are known for becoming somewhat repetitive.

Looking at the reels of Voodoo Vibes Canadian Casino Games players will find many a symbol categorising the accounts of these rather mythical people. There are potions, voodoo dolls, skull candles and other imagery associated with the craft in question. A refreshing approach to these reels is that there are no playing cards dotted around, instead all the symbols involved stem from some thematic connection.

Voodoo Vibes Fun Bonus Features

A slot named Voodoo Vibes and themed to the tune that this NetEnt game is, requires a few vivid bonuses to cement the overall atmosphere of magic and dark arts. The priest symbol for instance plays the role of Wild in this slot and can therefore offer some more winning opportunities on the reels.

There is a free spins feature to this online slots real money that is triggered when the players land 3 or more of the snake Scatter symbols. This rewards 10 free spins which will then be subject to a 3 times multiplier. The bonus game to this Voodoo Vibes slot is initiated with the voodoo doll symbol which when 3 or more are hit along a pay line trigger a pick’em bonus themed along the lines of this slot game. This can reap some decent prizes along the way as well as being a refreshing twist to the usual spinning.