Online Video Poker Variation Tens or Better

The true beauty of the game of poker is that its basic hand forming system is so easily transmutable from game to game and therefore allows for many different types of variations for the players to experience. This occur in the table game format as well as across the video poker platform, where this Tens or Better poker game enters into the picture. Being based on poker this game is fairly derivative of the base rules and so even players somewhat familiar with the structure of the card game in question should have no problem jumping right into this video poker game.

Due to the fact that there are so many different variations of video poker available online today, it is always good to not where exactly the developers of each variation focused the majority of their efforts to produce something a little different. The selling point with this Tens or Better video poker game is actually in the title, which demarcates the set standard for a prize winning hand and in this variation the noticeable aspect is how low this minimum is set, suggesting that during this game wins may come a little easier than most but at the cost of understandably lower pay outs.

Tens or Better Video Poker Gameplay

What makes video poker interesting and in fact in a whole category of its own in the casino game industry is that it essentially fuses the qualities of two of the most popular and influential casino game formats, that is poker and slots. The result, an easy to play and understand game with some of the action and heart-pounding moments associated with the aforementioned card game behemoth.

Tens or Better video poker begins similarly to many video poker games in that player must first place an ante before any cards are dealt to them. Once this ante bet, from a range of betting options, has been placed the player is dealt 5 cards. The poker variation then employed here is 5 card stud, so players can select which of the original 5 cards to hold and then can replace the others.

This is obviously in an attempt to then strategically form as strong a poker hand as possible. Once these hands have been formed the players compare them to the available pay out table to receive their reward. This Tens or Better video poker game pays out for a poker hand containing a pair of tens or greater.


The Great Card Game of Poker

It has become abundantly clear over the many years that poker has been around the sports betting USA players and all around the world to enjoy the thrills and strategy the game that has to offer and as a proof of this evidence the many different versions of the online gambling game speak volumes. What stays true though, even across the different platforms and gameplays, is the poker hand ruling system and so whatever poker variations players ultimately discover online or otherwise, like Tens or Better video poker, it is always crucial to remember just which ones go where, win over what and are generally just a bit too optimistic to strive for.