A Galactic Adventure In Space Wars Slot Game

Space Wars is quite a fun slot game theme from developers NetEnt who have over the years produced a good number of online games of this calibre. From the moment the game screen opens players will have a pretty good idea of what exactly is in store for them from this online slot game. The style of this outer space theme choice is done with a cartoon flair that makes the graphics quite appealing and the gameplay potentially immersive. Even the layout of this game screen offers a unique perspective on this sort of platform and so with all the different aliens and cool things to find on the reels of this game there is certainly a fair bit to uncover.

The theme of an online slot game only carries it so far however and eventually the game has to stand on its on gameplay merits to remain a players’ favourite for a time to come. In this regard this Space Wars slot game from NetEnt offers its players a set of 5 reels and alongside these some 40 pay lines are available too. The 3D style that this game adopts also doesn’t deter from the ease of setup and interpretation on the side of the players as overall the game is laid out quite neatly. There are of course also a few bonuses tied into the gameplay along the way that make the entire event just that bit more exciting.

Exploring the Reels, Theme and Symbols

Space is certainly a large place and so setting up an online slot theme to this style offers the developers a fair bit of latitude with their design and ergo the players that ultimately play the game. The 3D style of the graphics of this online slots are fairly evident from the get go and players will likely find the floating reels and symbols thereon quite inviting, especially when spun toward the various jackpots and bonuses available. Along the right hand side of the reels players will some sort of teleporter that kicks into action when events start unfolding on the reels of this Space Wars slot game so there is quite a bit to anticipate.

Onto the symbols found on the reels of this Space Wars slot game from NetEnt and betting online USA players will find that the majority of these come in the form or unique alien life forms that look more friendly than anything else and can spin on the reels to earn some decent rewards. Other symbols include various crystals, the few bonus symbols and more to discover.

The Bonus Features to Find On Screen

The major bonus to find with this Space Wars slot from NetEnt involves the aforementioned teleporter on the right side of the reels. Except it not only teleports in this game but also clones and so players who land winning combinations will find that the symbols involved then teleport to this chamber, clone themselves and then appear stacked in the free spin that is rewarded for the win. This coupled with other features like Wilds makes for some very viable possibilities on the reels of this Space Wars slot game.