Play Gladiator Of Rome Slot After Taking a Look at Our Details

Gladiator of Rome slot by 1×2 Gaming software features twenty paylines, five reels and is set in a time when mean and animal fought in giant arenas for wealth and fame.

Gladiator of Rome slot takes players back in time and has depictions of scenes and items one might find the gladiatorial arenas of the past. In the background the player can see a large, wind-swept, sandy landscape. There is a large gladiator’s arena that is four stories tall and is sat in the distance of the scene. Behind the arena is a city, which is set against a mountain range.

The sky is blue with long white clouds stretched along its length. Along the left and right side of the reel, the player will notice a series of numbers that show the different combinations of lines available for the player to win on. These numbers include 2, 6, 16, 12, 10, 1, 8, 13, 17, 3, 19, 20, 4, 14, 11, 15, 9, 18, 7 and 5. At the top of the reel is the name of the slot, Gladiator of Rome, written in blue on a grey stone background with a golden border.  To the left and right of this border are ribbons of parchment paper with intricate symbols on them.

At the bottom of the reel is information and options for the player. Written on a sandstone rectangle, there is the player’s bet, coins, coin value and total coins. The player can also select auto bet, max bet, and spin. Above the information section is a display that changes every few seconds to different quotes. These quotes include, ‘Are you not entertained?’ ‘Are you the player they call Spaniard?’ ‘Welcome to gladiators of Rome’ and ‘Scatters and dust’.

Gladiator of Rome Slot Symbols

Gladiator of Rome slot symbols include scenes, characters and items from the times of the gladiator. The first symbol is a red gladiator shield with two cobras facing each other and a brass half-moon in the centre. The second symbol is a gladiator in a chest plate and green tunic riding a golden chariot. The chariot is being pulled by a pair of armoured horses and thick clouds of dust are being kicked up as he speeds around the course.

The third symbol is a golden eagle standing on top of a golden perch with its wings spread out over a blue sky. The fourth symbol is two gladiators fighting with the word bonus at the bottom. The fifth symbol is a gladiator with a gold helmet and red cape who is holding a sword behind his head. The sixth symbol is a female gladiator with a red tunic and sword. Other symbols include the jack, queen, king, medusa shield, screaming gladiator wild and Caesar.

A Free Spins Bonus

The bonus symbol is Gladiator of Rome slot only appears on two of the reels. These are reels three and four. If the player lands them on the same spin, they will activate the free spin bonus game. Free spins cannot be re-triggered once the player has entered the free spin bonus game.