Play The One Armed Bandit Online Game

When you read about the one armed bandit, your immediate thought would travel to a slot game sporting a bandit as a main character and slot reels themed with good verse evil. However, you would be wrong.  When you play the one armed bandit online you’re actually playing a specific type, or genre, of slot machines. The name being a generic title for a group of slots which boast three reels. If this still does not ring a bell, then telling you that another word for these slots is fruit machines is sure to give you a lightbulb moment.

One armed bandit slots are a fancy word for the classic three reel slots. They are called this as back in the days, before technology changed the face of online slots, players would pull a lever (known as the one arm) on the land-based slot machine (known as the bandit). Now online games depict images of the lever on a virtual level, whether on the left or right hand side of the screen. While most players enjoy simply clicking on a visual button, other players still enjoy the nostalgia of the lever in its historical pulling motion when they play the one armed bandit online.

Well new gaming releases feature on top online casino sites, they may embody all the latest in gameplay features and aesthetics, but the developers of the one armed bandit slots have designed these slots in such a specific way which always evokes the memories, feelings, retro style and old fashioned fruit symbols of these historical slots.

Available in Free Mode Play

Play the one armed bandit online slots in free money mode for countless hours of online entertainment. You can spin the reels in this slot machine for free with no worries about spending money and losing it. Many River Belle casino slots  platforms offer this game specifically in free game mode, however, there are very few real money games, if any, on offer.

Immerse In The Old Casino World At Home

Players can play the one armed bandit online at home, at the office or on the go at your own convenience and immediately immerse in a world of old-school casinos or an environment much like playing on machine in a bar.  Players can enjoy the best in lever-sporting slots which showcase modern developer’s new inspiration from old casino machines.

Besides the lever, these online slots stay true to the first automated slot machines found in land-based casinos. Players will be taken back to the good old gaming days of the typical slot symbols like the bars, sevens, cherries and of course, the diamonds.

Many versions of this game are available online in flash mode, but can also be downloaded onto most technological devices in the market as the gaming software is compatible with most device brands. These developers have really adapted older gaming favourites in a new and refreshed online format to be used on a new technological platform. Go back in time and play the one armed bandit online.