Millionaires Club III Top 20 Jackpot Slot Review

Millionaires Club III Top 20 Jackpot is the third game in the Millionaires Club Jackpot trilogy, developed by Amaya Gaming.  If the first and second slot games were all about the lure of getting rich and doing so instantly,  then the third is all about that millionaire swank.

Chances are that if you’re thinking about playing Millionaires Club III Top 20 Jackpot, you’ve tried your hand at one or both of the first two, in which case you will have noticed that the third game is the first two games combined, and then some.

Millionaires Club III Top 20 Jackpot features 5 reels and 20 paylines and is the cherry on the proverbial Millionaires Club Jackpot cake.  The slot also features two bonus games, multipliers galore and of course, the collective progressive jackpot.

Symbols: New And Improved

Symbols once again depict the daily lifestyle of those who want for nothing:  a necklace made of pearls, aged brandy, a Rolls Royce, golden cufflinks, tickets to a night of music composed my Mozart, a peacock on a beautiful lawn, a swimming pool and a yacht, as well as a wad of cash.

A grand mansion is the game’s wild symbol.  The mansion will substitute for all symbols, except for the Logo scatter symbol, which is the key to unlocking the Millionaires Club III Top 20 Bonus Feature.

Millionaires Club III Top 20 Jackpot Bonus Feature

During the Bonus Feature, you will be required to choose from a selection of gem stones.  Each stone conceals a multiplier, a prize, a Jackpot token or a strike – 3 strikes will end the Bonus Feature and the game will revert back to the base game.

Collecting 3 Jackpot tokens holds a special reward: a chance to win the progressive real money jackpot at eSports betting sites by playing the Jackpot Round.

Jackpot Round

The Jackpot Round is basically a re-work of the Bonus Game featured in the first two versions of the game. The Jackpot Wheel will automatically spin and land in a certain position – either selecting a number or an arrow. If the Jackpot Wheel comes to a stop on a number,  a random cash prize is paid out. If it stops on an arrow, the game will advance to the next level. The only way in which to advance to the next level, is by the wheel landing on an arrow, and the only way to come into the running to win the progressive jackpot, is by progressing through all the levels.

Graphics And Sound Effects

The sound effects create the atmosphere of a high-end party proceeding in the background. This continues until such time as either the bonus feature or jackpot round are activated, at which time the background music changes to classical music performed by Mozart.

The graphics is of a higher quality than that of Millionaires Club I Jackpot and Millionaires Club II Jackpot. The symbols are colourful and detailed, and overall well-defined. The first two versions of the game feature a style bordering on that of cartoon-like graphics; the graphics in the final instalment of the trilogy creating a much more real feel.