Learning Dragon 8s Top 20 Online Casino Slot Game

Dragon 8s Top 20, by Amaya, is an online casino slot game, themed around classic Chinese culture. The aim of the game, as with all slot machines, is to spin the reels and create matching sequences, starting from the left. These sequences payout when matched, with the amount varying depending on the icons creating the sequence. The symbols in the sequences do not have to be directly beside one another to match, and may sit in adjacent spaces. The player must, however, indicate how much to bet on each potential line, with a minimum of one and maximum of ten. There are also a number of special bonus symbols which, when matched, grant big payouts. This game can be played for free, using virtual currency, or for real money.

Icons Used In Dragon 8s Top 20

Beautifully created icons are used for the matches, including the 8s dragons, Chinese lamp, Chinese dragon, golden Carp, Panda bear, and more. When matching, a line will run through the matching symbols, indicating clearly to the player where the match was created. Bonus symbols may also be matched, which will trigger bigger payouts, and may even trigger the jackpot payout mini game.

Special Symbol Bonus Matches

The online casino bonus UK symbol, represented by the Chinese lamp, will trigger the mini bonus game when matched with itself at least three times. A screen will appear showing hanging lanterns, of which the player must choose one. Upon a lantern being chosen, coins will fall out, indicating how many free spins are given. From the fallen coins the player must choose one, which will indicate the multiplier for the free spins, or amount that the usual winnings are multiplied. Massive payouts can be won in this fashion, and the player should hope to see as many bonus symbols as possible. Another bonus symbols is the wild card, which may match with all other symbols as a special sequence, except the bonus symbol. A player may therefore match two golden carps with a wild card, and receive the payout as if the match were three carps, and so on.

Betting Per Line

In Dragon 8s Top 20, the player must bet per line of potential matching sequences, of which there are 20 in total. A wager of one may be placed on each line by clicking the bet 20 button, or the maximum of 20 per line may be bet on by clicking the bet max button. Payouts will, of course, be larger the greater the bet placed on each line. If you would like to see the possible matching sequences in detail, click the paytable button. You may also see the current balance, spin, and auto-spin buttons in this same area. The auto-spin button, when tapped, will spin the reels automatically for the number of times indicated. This amount can be changed via the plus and minus buttons. Note also the clear button, which, when clicked, will clear all the bets on all lines, and put them back to zero. Don’t forget that more information on this game can be asked for from the customer support centre of the website on which you play.