Best Deadworld Online Slot in Detail

Deadworld slot by 1×2 Gaming software features five reels, fifty paylines and is set in the apocalyptic atmosphere of a post zombie invasion. Deadworld slot is a dark, edgy comic book syled game with muted colours and ghoulish characters. This helps to reinforce the eerie atmosphere of this slot’s setting.

The background of this slot is a mix of blood spatter and the faces and bodies of zombies. In the bottom right corner, the player can see a zombie with brown hair, a pale white face and glowing red eyes. In the top right corner there is a zombie with yellow eyes gritting his teeth. In the top left corner the player can see a close up of a zombie. This zombie has wild red eyes, sharp features and his face is smeared with blood. The various zombies portrayed in the reel’s background help to communicate the theme of this slot and also help to make the player feel as if they are part of the action. There is a grit and rawness to this slot that the art style supports.

Paylines and Game Basics

On top of the reel, the name of the slot is written in dark red letters with a horned skull in the middle. To the right and left of the reel the player can see the words “50 Lines” which indicates the number of paylines in this slot. Under the reel, the player is given information and options. This includes a coins button with blue and white arrow adjusters to increase and decrease the amount. There is also an auto bet button, a spin button, a max bet button, and a coin value button. The coin value button also has adjustment arrows so the player can select how much value each individual coin has in the game. The player’s total bet and total coins are also displayed at the bottom.

Deadworld Slot Symbols

The symbols in Deadworld slot include the zombies and survivors of this apocalyptic zombie invasion. The first symbol is a bald, shirtless man with a fur cape, spiked bracelet, and spiked club. The second symbol is a masked female with a cape, pistol and sword. The third symbol is a man in a black t-shirt holding a pistol and sporting a knife in place of a missing hand. The fourth symbol is a zombie with no skin on his face, a black hat and a black eye patch. The fifth symbol is a zombie with no skin on his face, sunglasses, a red bandana and grey hair. The sixth symbol is a zombie with patchwork clothes and no hair. The seventh symbol is a zombie in a torn orange t-shirt. The eighth symbol is a soldier who has been turned into a zombie. Other symbols include various other zombies as well as bonus and wild symbols.

Bonus Round

If the online casino nz player lands three or more of the bonus zombie symbols, they will activate a bonus round. In this bonus round, the player is given six rounds of a gun to try and hit six targets. Each of the targets hit will give the player a prize.