Big Win On 300 Shields Casino Slot Game

The 300 Shields video slot game is loosely based on the epic Battle of Thermopylae, in which 300 Spartans followed their Greek warrior king Leonidas into battle against the Persian Empire. This small unit defended the pass into their home country for several days and fought to the last man. The Persian army, by modern estimations, is said to have been between 70 000 and 300 000 strong.

This heroic time in Greek history has inspired many books, a comic series and several movies over years, and it is also the inspiration for 300 Shields, an Amaya Software online video slot game. The well-executed graphics in 300 Shields include gently rolling hills of farmed land and battle scenes as the backdrop for the reels in this game.

With its five-reel slot and 25 paylines, 300 Shields becomes an epic game experience with the 300x multiplier special feature. Besides this epic multiplier, the game has scatter symbols, a wild symbol, free spins and a jackpot, which are a relatively standard feature in most video slots.


The lower value symbols are the usual card icons of 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, each of these with an arrow firmly lodged in it. The higher value symbols are represented by a warrior, a shield, a ship, a sword, an archer and a cluster of airborne arrows.

Each time the shield symbols create a line-up of three, four or five shields blood spatters across the reel line of identical symbols and drips off. This gory game-effect adds to the players’ experience of going to war and battling to achieve victory.

Special Features

The wild substituting symbol is depicted by a warrior. This wild warrior can substitute for any other symbol in the game when it appears on the reels, except for the scatter symbol, which is depicted by a shield. Wild symbols appear frequently to ensure wins.

Scatter symbols have a dual purpose in this slot game. Firstly, the free spins are triggered when a minimum of three scatter shields appear. The player then receives the epic multiplier. The more scatters there are, the more free spins are given. Secondly, the scatter awards cash to a player when two, three, four or five symbols appear in any place on the reels. The cash reward is made up of the total bets in that game round.

To win the very desirable jackpot, a Crown Oaks betting site player must get the wild warrior symbol across all five reels, running from left to right. An amount of 1000 coins makes up the jackpot value.

The Art Of War

Starting with five free spins and wild symbols wins using multipliers of 2x. Two shields must be gathered before moving onwards.

The second set of five free spins using a multiplier of 5x on the wild symbols, will allow for 6 shields to be gathered and added to the shield collection.

A 25x multiplier on the wild symbols, after the third free spins round, will add a further twelve shields to the growing collection.

Ultimately this is the stage that a player is battling to get to for a massive win. Another five free spins will produce a payout of 300 times what you bet.

Basic Game Set-Up

The number of busy paylines and the bet amount per line must both be adjusted to personal preference. The Player can activate all paylines by clicking on Max Lines. Click Spin to begin the battle for victory in 300 Shields online/mobile video slot game.