Amaya Games Captain Nemo Jackpot Slot Summary

Summarising a jam-packed, highly detailed slot machine into an easy-to-read summary proves quite difficult when many adjectives come to mind and details of the game itself would send one on a lengthy verbal spin. However, we have pinpointed the main elements of the Amaya Games Captain Nemo Jackpot online slot machine for player’s easy reference and use. This slot features the expected five reels and 20 pay lines and comes with fantastic in-game features like a scatter symbol, a wild icon and an action-packed bonus game.

With many ways to win and game elements which assist players in claiming the slot game’s whopping jackpot, the Amaya Games Captain Nemo Jackpot online slot machine is a preferred gaming choice in the vast ocean of slot offerings – suitable for both beginners and seasoned pros. When it comes to betting, a large betting range has been provided to accommodate just about any slot player. Summarising the theme, players can meet the theme’s main character, the famous Captain Nemo who sails the seas inside a submarine.

Instead of just spinning generic oceanic reels, which generally feature symbols that are adapted from the expected, cartoonish sea theme, this slot and its reel symbols are based on a world-renown fictional novel. On the side of the screen on the Amaya Games Captain Nemo Jackpot online slot machine, Captain Nemo stands proudly in his swimming attire next to the ocean coloured reels.

Reel Symbols Taken From A Storyline

Every icon on the reel is a piece of the adventurous storyline, so if you’ve seen the Captain Nemo movies or read the books, you can see recognisable items like sunken ships, a submarine, a compass, a mysterious island, an octopus, a treasure map and of course a swimming costume. The logo icon is the scatter in the Amaya Games Captain Nemo Jackpot online slot and enough of these on the reels will trigger the free spins bonus game.

The wild in the online slots USA game is the sunken ship icon, and this sunken ship will help USA online betting players to replace other icons on the reels to reveal even better winning combinations and high rewards. Making for more immersive action in Amaya Games Captain Nemo Jackpot online slot machine, the symbols come to life in innovative animation fashion when situated in a winning combo.

So Why Is This Slot Making Waves In The Virtual Ocean?

In a nutshell, this slot is making waves in the virtual realm of online gaming with its innovative game speed feature which spins the reels at supersonic speed for rapid reel reveals. Another draw card to this ocean of winning potential is the awesome 4 000 coin jackpot up for grabs.

An Old Theme Refreshed Beautifully

Before diving into a virtual underwater world of fun and rewards, it’s beneficial to read how the Amaya Games Captain Nemo Jackpot online slot machine has been revamped and refreshed in such a way that is has made a big splash in the online slot game pool.

The captain hook and ocean themes have been rehashed and boringly plastered on both land-based and online slot machines time and time again, much to the yawns of slot players. However, Amaya Games, a leader in slot machine games, has taken this tired theme, tweaked it and creatively redesigned it in such a way that the Amaya Games Captain Nemo Jackpot online slot machine now attracts slot players from the world over.