Amaya’s Call Of The Colosseum Online Slot Reviewed

The name Amaya is synonymous with top quality online game offerings and Call Of The Colosseum slot game is packed to the brim with only the best in-game features, the crème da le cream of prizes and pay-outs, never-before-seen graphics detailed with such precision, the most innovative sound effects and the most eye-catching colour and decor designs.

So what is this slot game you ask intriguingly?  Well similar to other slot products of this kind, this online offering supports the typical, but never boring, five-reel grid alongside 20 pay lines. The Call Of The Colosseum slot game brings the world of Rome to life, and even amplifies this virtual realm further with incredible animations experienced during gameplay, making it feel like you’re really in the famous Colosseum. Featuring themed symbols, one can expect to find a local girl, tiger shields, the famous emperor himself and other relative icons associated with this historical structure.

Rome was Built in a Day, This Slot wasn’t

When playing slots, it’s clearly obvious when a gaming developer takes only one day to create and release a slot title, an obvious rush job, with the game in its entirety clearly showing just how little effort the developer put into it. And with little effort put in, just as slot fans will spend much time playing it – a few minutes if that. Why bother with low-end slot games when you can spend hours on a quality slot game like Call Of The Colosseum slot.

The number of hours and time spent by players enjoying this game is symbolic of the many hours clocked up by the gaming developers when putting the pieces of this game together.  And when you immerse in this online slot game, which was built from the technological ground up, you are sure to spend many hours escaping reality and enjoying a themed masterpiece in the form of Call Of The Colosseum.

Mass Effort Placed in Both Aesthetics and Rewards

Conceptualizing and creating the Call Of The Colosseum slot game from scratch took a qualified team of craftsman, hours of brainpower and technological savvy, a variety of skills and a large amount of creative thought. The same amount of effort has been placed on the overall functioning and appearance of the game as it has been placed on the rewards aspect.

A wild symbol, a scatter symbol and a fun free spin feature really up the rewarding ante of this game with a total of 10 free spins awarded every time this bonus game is activated. Extra spins are up for grabs as well in Call Of The Colosseum. Mass effort has also been applied to the different ways a player can increase their winnings. Through the gambling button, players can try the luck to either double or quadruple their winnings. And most of all, the main consideration in the Call Of The Colosseum slot is seen in the ultimate prize which comes in a shiny amount of 5000 coins.